Amazing Stats and Facts About Cannabis

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Amazing Stats and Facts About Cannabis

Perceptions of cannabis are rapidly changing, discover the many stats and facts behind the global acceptance of this magic plant...

No other plant in the history of humankind has been as controversial as cannabis. But the laws surrounding the plant are changing for the better, and this is all thanks to the researchers who devote their careers to shedding more light upon its miraculous nature.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Cannabis: Amazing Stats and Facts

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If we know the fact that over 90% of the people who use it medically were helped by it in one survey, it is fair to expect the plant to be fully legal around the world in the not-too-distant future.

Speaking of consumers, according to some projections, more than 263 million people consume some form of cannabis every year. However, these same projections coming from the Global Cannabis Report point out that roughly 1.2 billion others could be potential users; as they suffer from some of the medical conditions possibly treatable by cannabis.

The global sales of cannabis show incredible growth every year.

Back to back, the global spending on these products in 2018 added up to more than $12.2 billion, and over $15 billion in 2019. We have yet to see what will happen in the cannabis market due to the rough first couple of months, but there are more than enough reasons for optimism. Eventually, the United States legal cannabis market is projected to grow by another $16.6 billion by the time we reach 2025.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Cannabis: Amazing Stats and Facts

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Cannabis legalisation will eventually lead to numerous benefits for our society.

Namely, those who need it as medicine will be able to gain easy access to it, and this will significantly raise the overall tax revenue coming from this industry. Furthermore, countries around the world will be able to stop fighting the ‘War on Drugs’ and thus reiterate those funds to more useful purposes. Finally, as the prohibition ends, we are looking at a market that will ultimately employ millions of people, positively impacting the international economy. Canada, for example, has already witnessed the effects of legalisation; shops like WestCoastSupply booming with demand.

The topic of cannabis is rich and never-ending, and the scientific community is always looking to enlighten us a bit more. Did you know for example than anyone who is 420 expert adviser knows that for quick flowering one should choose 45 day cannabis flowering strains? These amazing cannabis facts and more, have been digested into a fascinating cannabis infographic to educate those interested further. If you are keen on learning more, join the ride …

Everything You Wanted to Know About Cannabis: Amazing Stats and Facts