Pop Up Screens, London

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Pop Up Screens, London

Your favourite films are popping up in some of London's prettiest parks...

Watching films is better outdoors, say https://www.picturebookfilms.co.uk/. Just ask all those kids who rolled into the drive-ins in all those films you watched when you were a kid. Talking of films you watched when you were a kid, and outdoor cinemas — London’s Pop Up Screens have been pioneering flicks under the night sky for four years, and it back for another bout of park-based movie action.

You can’t rock up in a Ford Deluxe like Danny Zuko, but you can totter along to one of the capital’s more unspoilt spots — Greenwich Peninsula, Bishop Park in Fulham and Eltham’s Tudor Barn are some of this summer’s venues — plant yourself down on a blanket, and gorge on fancy burgers and booze. Much better than driving.

The screens are popping up until 26 September (at which point you might need more than a blanket) and, whilst you may not have asked us for recommendations, we’re giving them to you:

31 July, Fulham: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
21 August, Holborn: The Big Lebowski
27 August, Eltham: The Goonies
28 August, Lewisham: Pulp Fiction
16 September, Streatham: Beetlejuice
24 September, Eltham: The Shining


Pop Up Screens, London
Pop Up Screens, London