Masterpieces of Fashion Photography — LUMAS, London

© Erwin Blumenfeld,
VOGUE Archive Collection,

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LUMAS hosts show of fashion photography masters to mark release of limited edition prints...

As well as having the best name ever (according to me), Horst P. Horst took some of the most striking fashion photographs of the 20th Century and is celebrated as a true great for his work with Vogue and a long-standing collaboration with Coco Chanel. The German — born with the far duller name Horst Paul Albert Bohrmann — is a legend among legends in this photographic exhibition organised by photography gallery LUMAS.

Over 30 new works, including 10 previously unseen, make up the collection which is touring Europe this month. One of the Bathers series by Horst’s mentor George Hoyningen-Huene is included in the new releases, as is Edward Steichen’s portrait of Gloria Swanson, and Bert Stern’s picture of the original supermodel Twiggy. More contemporary works such as Karen Radkai’s Dry Martini and Louise Dahl-Wolfe’s Red Parasol, both circa 1960, and the even more recent Arthur Elgort image of Kate Moss at the launderette feature too. LUMAS is offering limited editions of the images for sale, and to showcase the work it’s hosting a launch exhibition, Masterpieces of Fashion Photography, at its London gallery on South Molton Street from 25 March to 29 March.


Kate Moss Arthur Elgort

Kate at the Laundrette
© Arthur Elgort,
VOGUE Archive Collection,

Horst P. Horst

© Horst P. Horst,
VOGUE Archive Collection,

Twiggy Bert Stern

© Bert Stern,
VOGUE Archive Collection,

Louise Dahl-Wolfe Vogue

Red Parasol
© Louise Dahl-Wolfe,
VOGUE Archive Collection,

Gloria Swanson Edward Steichen

Gloria Swanson
© Edward Steichen,
Condé Nast Collection,

Karen Radkai Vogue

Dry Martini
© Karen Radkai,
VOGUE Archive Collection,

George Hoyningen-Huene Vogue

Bathers I
© George Hoyningen-Huene,
VOGUE Archive Collection,

Horst P. Horst Vogue

The Mainbocher Corset
© Horst P. Horst,
VOGUE Archive Collection,