Morito, Exmouth Market

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Morito, Exmouth Market

Morito's bite-sized Middle Eastern and Spanish cuisine is a Moorish combination...


Award-winning Exmouth Market restaurant Moro opened way back in 1997, making it a seasoned campaigner on the London scene. The cuisine’s inspiration goes back even further, with a menu rooted in the Moorish occupation of Spain – the so-called “marriage of saffron and cinnamon” – and you’ll find authentic Moroccan, Iranian and Turkish dishes alongside Spanish.

The restaurant now offers a cute little tapas and mezze bar called Morito next door to the main restaurant, with a similar Moorish menu in bite-sized portions. The bright orange Formica bar is an eye-catching central feature, complemented by cracked plaster walls and lovely vintage G Plan mirrors.


Morito — Exmouth Market, London Morito — Exmouth Market, London