8 Tips for Students Who Hate Essay Writing

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8 Tips for Students Who Hate Essay Writing

Even if you hate essay writing, it's a critical component of higher education. Discover eight top tips for students who despise writing...

So you’ve never been a fan of writing. Nor do you enjoy reading books for pleasure. You don’t even understand why people enjoy it. As life would have it, though, you need to write dozens of essays and tests in order to get a degree; there is no other way than to find a solution to get you through the dreading writing tasks. The good thing is, you are not the only one who feels this way. And consequently, there are a few tips your predecessors took upon to handle the writing assignments. Take a look and see whether these will work for you as well.

8 Tips for Students Who Hate Essay Writing

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Get Professional Help: Sometimes, you need more than a nudge to motivate yourself to write an essay. What if you could get a sample essay on the same topic to use as a reference? Academic services such as essayhelp.com are designed to provide such solutions for students. Whatever their reasons are, be it lack of time, understanding of the subject, or mere despise towards writing, the experts can help you sort out your assignments. You can also seek their help to do more mundane tasks such as referencing, citation, or even finding the resources.

Having a completed essay to refer to will make the process of essay writing less tedious.

Stop Procrastinating: When you absolutely abhor a task, you are much likely to put it off as much as you can. But saving it for the last minute will not help you any better. Instead, you will be rushing through, making the result even worse. The alternative is to set a deadline for yourself, preferably a few days before the original one. And most importantly, look at it as the final one. This will push you to start working, and even if you mess up, you will have time to reconsider and rewrite if necessary.

Write in Intervals: For those who do not want to spend hours writing, the ideal approach is to split the task. By dividing the essay into small, accomplishable goals, you can significantly reduce the feeling of exhaustion. For instance, keep aside 20 minutes and a goal to complete two paragraphs. This is more manageable than aiming to write an entire paper in one sitting.

You might find the Pomodoro technique more helpful in this case. Students can set their own short study sessions with breaks in between. This will make writing less monotonous and present itself as a fresh job every time you return to it.

8 Tips for Students Who Hate Essay Writing

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Focus on Your Perspective: Remember that your professor already knows the topic assigned. So they do not need you to merely repeat what can be easily found online or in the reference materials. They are looking for your point of view and your arguments on the issue. When you look at a writing task like this, it is no longer overwhelming. You are only to persuade the reader with your opinion. When you can do it easily by talking, you can do it just as easily through writing.

8 Tips for Students Who Hate Essay Writing

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Talk Out Loud: Only because you hate writing does not mean you cannot articulately present the concept. You might have a pretty good understanding and plenty of opinions on the topic. So the quick remedy is to speak it out loud and record yourself. You can attempt each paragraph and copy that in writing. Once you have got the essence done, it is only a matter of thorough editing and proofreading to make an excellent essay.

Argue With Yourself: Many academic assignments require you to put forward your thesis and arguments with sufficient evidence. When you do not want to dive into writing head first, opt to have a conversation on the subject with someone else. Today, there are several apps that will connect you to students all around the world. If the other person is well-versed in the topic, you will gain insight. You will also have a recorded conversation or a transcript of text messages to refer to.

When you have all the crucial ideas summarised, the writing part will not be as tiresome as you imagine. Rather, you would be excited to showcase what you have learned and impress the reader.

Do Not Stop With the First Draft: It is common for students to write a paper and submit it without taking a second look. There is nothing more that infuriates a professor than silly mistakes that could have been easily corrected. Remember that editing is crucial for any paper to sound convincing and compelling. It is best to keep writing until you meet the word count and save proofreading for the last.

As a reader, some sentences might not make sense to you or might not have the same effect you intended. Making these changes might be something you actually enjoy, even if you do not like writing. And if you do, get a peer edit, which would only be more effective.

Block Away Distractions: Even when you love to write, there are diversions everywhere you look. So when you are struggling with the task, social networks, Netflix, and your phone can be forceful excuses. Make sure that you have blocked all the unnecessary websites, devices, and even any music in the background if necessary. It will help you to focus more, and finish the job in less time.

When you hate writing, you hate writing. There is a rare chance that you will suddenly wake up one day and want to become a writer. So instead of forcing yourself to adapt, your best bet is to look at the most efficient ways to complete the tasks.