OnlineslotsX Approaches 500,000th User


OnlineslotsX Approaches 500,000th User

As OnlineslotsX prepares to celebrate its 500,000th user in December 2020, CMO Cheryl P explains a little about their rapid success...

OnlineslotsX is an online service that is operating in the gambling niche. It provides online players with the opportunity to play a demo version of the popular slot machines. The site also provides reviews and recommendations of licensed casinos. The project was launched in October 2017 and it can be hardly considered as a startup, but it continues to grow and develop.

OnlineslotsX is set to celebrate its 500,000th user in December 2020

If you are new to slot games then there is a good chance to harness your skills playing online. Slot games are exciting and there are a number of variants in it. A lot of innovations and changes have been made to the slot machine over the years and with the adaptation of slot games in the online sphere getting success. Developers have created slot machines on various characters and items. The basic principle of functioning is the same in all slot machines however to increase the interest level in players there are bonuses and jackpot hidden in different layers of the slot machine.

If you are planning to bet your money on a slot machine game then it is better for you to practice in free slots no download and learn about slots. Once you’re convinced that you have the nuances of the game in control, create an account in the gaming site and transfer your funds to the account, most websites that have the provision to play with money have connections with top banks and payment gateways hence the movement of money from the virtual account and the banking account is smooth.

Current news concerns the fact that the project is approaching 500,000 visitors in its entire history, which is impressive for this niche; to discover more, let’s speak to the CMO of’s source company, Cheryl P.

OnlineslotsX is set to celebrate its 500,000th user in December 2020

Cheryl, can you explain a little about how it all started?

Everything started with an idea that was born in a small group of enthusiasts. At that time we understood that the world of gaming lacked honest and useful websites that would give true information and help players fight the scam. We ourselves played a little bit in the casino and mostly in slot machines, but most of the gaming experience was given to us by Ryder Harpur. He still remains our top expert and a great colleague. As a result, the idea to create a website was born by itself. It all started because we were interested and we saw that we could help.

OnlineslotsX is set to celebrate its 500,000th user in December 2020

So how you ended up being so successful; what is the secret?

I think it’s worth saying that we didn’t have such significant plans from the beginning. No, of course, we were counting on success, but we didn’t have a clear plan and timeline. We just did what we thought we needed to do. In fact, none of us had done anything like that before, and the very expertise of building online media came to us on the way. I believe that a big role in the final success was played by the foundations that we laid at the very beginning of the road.

The first is to make only honest reviews and not to cheat on our users. The second is not to chase money and the third is not to violate international laws. The third one is that we came only a few months after the start when we had the first visitors.

Lastly, how competitive is the niche of online gambling now?

The niche is very competitive. It became especially noticeable this year when many people changed their focus from settled niches to this one because of the pandemic. Nevertheless, the market is growing and there is enough volume for everyone. But it is likely that in the future everything will become even more competitive. Regulators are also making some difficulties. Let’s say that at the moment this niche is not for beginners or start-ups.

Despite the fact that was launched by a team of enthusiasts, over time, their activities began to scale. Now it is already a company that has a hundred people and dozens of no less successful sites. With this news, we do not promote online gambling in any way. If you are a player, please play responsibly.