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Stuff Crush; 12.2.13

our weekly roundup of desirable wares...

Stuff Crush; 12.2.13

Fashion, art, interiors, gadgets and so much more; Stuff Crush is our weekly address of objects we lust…

We’re back again with our usual helping of eclectic offerings; foodie treats, fashion wares and interior inspirations are some of the delightful stuff that we’ve crushed over the last seven days. Enjoy…

Stuff Crush; 12.2.13


SERVOMUTO x Leitmotiv; This is not Bauhaus

This is not Bauhaus is a collection of lampshades which bear all the hallmarks of a SERVOMUTO project; baroque aesthetics meet geometric shapes, and are given a tasty helping of contemporary oomph to boot. Fashion brand Leitmotiv provided the fabric for the creations, which result in a series of utterly unique pieces.



DIY Print Shop; DIY Kits

All-inclusive screen printing kits from DIY Print Shop allow you to print posters, create your own t-shirt, customise your clothing and much more besides. Featuring all you need to get started, these really are impressive (and hefty) sets, crammed with all the essentials; think press, wood screen, lighting and ink. All you need now is a steady hand and a caboodle of creativity…

DIY Print Shop


Charlotte Olympia x Colette; “Poodle Pandora” Bag

Luxury shoes and accessories designer Charlotte Olympia Dellal has added a dose of humour to her latest collection. Taking Parisian-chic and “la vie en rose” as her inspiration, the collection contains a croissant bag, La Parisienne Pouch, her trademark skyscraper heels (Eiffel Tower themed, darling), and this fabulously kitsch Poodle Pandora Bag – complete with satin handle and feather embellishment. Pre-order yours now from Colette

Charlotte Olympia

Stuff Crush; 12.2.13


POP; Popcorn

In a bid to be done with staid bags of mass-produced popcorn, POP, located in Notting Hill, produces freshly made air-popped corn in a range of decadent flavours. Sourced from the US, they’ve tried to make these sweet treats as healthy as possible. Of course sometimes you just need to indulge and sod the consequences, the gingerbread with real ginger nut pieces, chocolate orange and English toffee and sea salt being just some that hit the spot for us…



Thomas Tramp: China Tramp rug

Thomas Tramp designs rugs – and other things – but mainly rugs. Using wool from the Tibetan Higlands, they’re handmade in Nepalese fair-trade workshops, where your very own custom piece can be realised. Bold statements and political messaging are employed here too, and – whilst we’d like a whopping great rug that declares “Political lounge offering peepshow & sodas” – Tramp’s China Tramp rug has taken our fancy.

Thomas Tramp


Julia Chiang for The Standard; Because of You

Brooklyn-based artist Julia Chiang has created a curious limited edition set of ceramic links for her third collaboration with hip-hoteliers The Standard. The handmade interlocking rings, embossed with the words “BECAUSE OF YOU” – inspired by her 2011 exhibition at Half Gallery – make for a wonderful limited run objet d’art; each piece stamped with Chiang’s initials, edition number and date.

The Standard