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Stuff Crush; 5.2.13

our weekly roundup of desirable wares...

Stuff Crush; 5.2.13
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Fashion, art, interiors, gadgets and so much more; Stuff Crush is our weekly address of objects we lust…

Bags, multi-functional furniture, objets d’art and an ingenious idea to replace the heads from Pez dispensers with custom-made 3D printed portraits – our weekly roundup of stuff we’ve been drooling over is nothing if not eclectic…

Stuff Crush; 5.2.13


Hot Pop Factory; 3D Printed Pez Heads

Asked by a client to create a ‘fun’ 3D printed gift, Toronto studio Hot Pop Factory promptly set about replacing the Disney princess heads on top of 32 Pez mechanical pocket dispensers and replacing them with the heads of the lucky recipients. Thanks to a Kinect motion-sensor to scan each employee and a bit of fine hacking, the finished product was created – and, at last, a worthwhile use for 3D printers was found…

Hot Pop Factory


Gyuyub Jo; Aleph

Ideal for those living in confined spaces, Aleph furniture by South Korean designer Gyuyub Jo was created with functionality and minimalism in mind. The boxes can be used for a range of purposes – sitting on, eating from, as storage – and are ideal for those short on space, and money…

Via Moco Loco


Paul Smith; Black Maharam Stripe Holdall

With classic Paul Smith stripe, the new holdall – which would work just as well as an overnight bag – is made of fabric produced exclusively by Maharam, and based on the pattern of a Fair Isle sweater. Black leather trims and handles lend it that expensive, masculine look…

Paul Smith

Stuff Crush; 5.2.13


Aēsop Mouthwash

The new mouthwash from skincare aficionados Aēsop will leave you smelling minty fresh – quite literally – as it contains a mix of aniseed and spearmint, amongst other ingredients. The clear liquid which comes in a 500ml bottle complete with Aēsop’s typically sophisticated branding, and is a must for any self-respecting bathroom shelf…



Store Without a Home; Kees-Jan Ceramic Doll

Made by sisters Lammers and Lammers, Kees-Jan, the most recent doll for Amsterdam based Store Without a Home, is partly made of existing elements of older dolls and inspired by fairytales. A kitsch piece, this joins the collection of existing dolls, notably his sister Greetje and twin brother who doubles up as a vase…

Store Without a Home


Michelle Mason; Lowestoft Beach Wallpaper & Cushion

As I write this, the dread I feel at having to go out into the wind and rain is helped somewhat by the bright and colourful, seaside-themed wallpaper and cushion from interior and giftware designer Michelle Mason. The result of a collaboration with the National Railway Museum, the wallpaper features beach umbrellas, bathers, boats and sunglasses, all hand drawn; whilst the cushion, a stronger nautical theme…

Michelle Mason