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Stuff Crush; 29.1.13

our weekly roundup of desirable wares...

Stuff Crush; 29.1.13

Fashion, art, interiors, gadgets and so much more; Stuff Crush is our weekly address of objects we lust…

Another week’s flown by and, in any other circumstance, that’d have us feeling a little deflated – however, with a new week comes a new bundle of stuff to adore. And, here it is folk: amazingly, the 4th Stuff Crush of 2013 – complete with the usual assortment of design-led treats…

Stuff Crush; 29.1.13


Les Ateliers Ruby x Kevin Lyons; Castel “Gabriel” Helmet

To celebrate five years of design, helmet makers Les Ateliers Ruby have teamed up with former global creative director of Urban Outfitters, and general design-all-star, Kevin Lyons on the Gabriel; an exclusively designed version of the full-face helmet: the Castel. Infact, so exclusive are these gems – available now at colette – that only eight limited-edition copies have been made.

Les Ateliers Ruby


hippih; hipKeyTM

Designed with us forgetful sorts in mind – yes that includes me – hipKey is a tracking device with a difference. First, it doesn’t look half bad, and secondly, it’s multi-functional with four different features. From alerting you if you are separated from your iPhone/iPad, you can even keep track of your child, the hipKey considerately notifying you if they move out of range.



Small Batch Bourbon Collection; Booker’s Bourbon

Bottled at its natural proof – between 121 and 127 – and aged between six and eight years, Booker’s Bourbon by Jim Beam’s grandson Booker Noe is a definite must-try for the bourbon connoisseur amongst you. Uncut, unfiltered and straight from the barrel, the oak and smoky vanilla flavour it administers, complete with hint of mocha and coffee, is one that just can’t be missed. Yeehaa.

Small Batch

Stuff Crush; 29.1.13


Delightfull; Graphic Lamp Collection

A wide selection of iconic type fonts make up this vibrant new collection of Graphic Lamps from Delightfull. Ideal as a floor, table or wall fixture, each letter and number is highlighted by unique colourful lighting making it a great product to be used on its own or as part of a set. Eye-catching and energetic, these lamps would brighten up any space…



Studion Ve; Lithe Clock

It’s been 12 months since we last saw Shay Carmon and Ben Klinger of Studio Ve exhibiting at Stockholm Design Fair, and in that time they’ve been busy designing the elegant and sleek Lithe Clock. Featuring thin, long arms – the minute hand is almost one yard long – it presents a interesting vision of time, the flexible hands almost flowing around its base. A kickstarter project has been launched to fund production.

Studion Ve


Mast Brothers Chocolate; Craft Chocolate Bars

Located in Williamsburg, New York, Mast Brothers produce artisan chocolate by hand. As the name suggests, the business is a family affair ran by Rick and Michael Mast and the packaging is almost as good as the chocolate it wraps itself around. Focussing on quality and taste they use beans grown in Madagascar, The Dominican Republic, and Venezuela – to name but a few – producing bars such as Madagascar 72%.

Mast Brothers

Stuff Crush; 29.1.13


Allied Maker; iPhone 5 Shelf

With the change in iPhone 5′s charging cable came a redesign of Allied Maker’s original iPhone 4 Shelf. The new model made from solid American black walnut – which supports the iPhone 5 and iPad mini – attaches your charger to the wall allowing you to simply slot the device on top, firmly holding it in place. Of course, it’s easily transportable – you don’t have to fix it to a wall – and its six earth magnets concealed within the shelf ensure that the cable remains rooted.

Allied Maker


Timbergram; Wooden Greetings Cards

You’ll have no doubt spotted a Timbergram or two as they increasingly pop-up on the shelves of stores such as Selfridges, Anthropologie and Liberty. Made from birch, and 100% recyclable, you can send this stylish card-cum-art for almost any occasion. Inspired by the original wooden postcards of the early 1900s these beautiful objects are most certainly ones to keep hold of…



Baines&Fricker; Fruit Crate Unit

Having been fans of the old-school Baines&Fricker Fruit Crate for quite a while now, we’re pleased as punch that they’ve created a unit to hold three of the crates (and which also doubles up as a bench). Made of sycamore with linoleum top – we’re personally loving the pumpkin yellow and coral red – it perfectly compliments the ply crates and would look great in our office… or home!