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Stuff Crush 15.1.13

our weekly roundup of desirable wares...

Stuff Crush 15.1.13
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Fashion, art, interiors, gadgets and so much more; Stuff Crush is our weekly address of objects we lust…

Inspirational craft is high on the agenda this week, from tables to chopping blocks, tequila shot devices to primitive espresso laboratories – as usual, our weekly roundup of desirable stuffs is nothing if not utterly eclectic…

Stuff Crush 15.1.13


ECAL/Krzysztof J. Lukasik; Pétrifications

Fed up of having to use a floor or table as a bookmark, Krzysztof J. Lukasik had a flash of inspiration whilst deciding what to create for a diploma project last year when studying at ÉCAL/MAS-Luxe. The project – Pétrifications – is a collection of five triangular geometrical forms of different dimensions, made of various kinds of stones. The bookmarks can in-turn be used to earmark the page of an assortment of books, magazines and newspapers. Being an old fashioned sort, Lukasik does not yet have a website, but can be contacted by email for additional information…

Krzysztof J. Lukasik


Robert Lock; Tequila Buffet

The Tequila Buffet is a rustic wood tray platter handcrafted in the mountains of Western North Carolina from reclaimed wormy chestnut. The platter features a depression cut to fit a pint of Patron (bottle not included), cutting board, salt bowls, paring knife and dedicated notches to stash tequila’s little helpers: lime and salt. Who needs to holiday in the Caribbean when you’ve got this great little creation from woodworker, Robert Lock.

Robert Lock, Etsy


Boris Dennler; Wooden Heap

If you’ve been along to the V&A recently you may have spotted Boris Dennler’s ‘Wooden Heap’ in the new Dr Susan Weber Gallery. Comprising six identical drawer units which can be stacked in various configurations, Swiss designer Dennler – who is no stranger to working with wood – has created a functioning object which not only harks back to 18th and 19th century six-drawer chiffoniers, but is in every aspect, completely relevant and modern.

Photo Credit: V&A Museum London
Boris Dennler

Stuff Crush 15.1.13


Fabrica; Table in Wonderland

Designed for the remodeled United Colors of Benetton Miami flagship store by Fabrica’s Charlotte Juillard and David Raffoul, Table in Wonderland is a system of custom made display fittings that fit together in a variety of combinations, thanks to its modular shaping. We especially adore their use of pastel colourings, inspired by Art Deco landmark buildings…



The Substain; McBess Coffeetable

Individually hand-crafted in Germany, this coffeetable features a hand-screen-printed piece of art, by McBess upon a huge piece of acorn wood. The full plank – which is then finished smoothly and smothered with a clear protective coating – is as expected, supported by four heavy duty, removable steel legs.

The Substain


Adi Schlesinger & David Budzik; Laboratory Espresso Machine

In an attempt to uncover the mystery of automatic coffee making and give the user the feeling of being apart of a process, Industrial Designers Adi Schlesinger and David Budzik worked together to produce a structure which shows the inner beauty of the espresso machine. Crediting Mr. Ofer Zick – head of the industrial design department at HIT – for his great mentorship, if the coffee produced from the Laboratory Coffee Machine is a good as the object looks, they’re onto a winner…

Adi Schlesinger
David Budzik

Stuff Crush 15.1.13


Miscellaneous Adventures; Micro Carving Knife & Slingshot

The hand crafted wooden utensils and tools by Miscellaneous Adventures almost make me want to pack a bag and set off camping, almost! A craft project by illustrator and maker, Andrew Groves, it was born out of a fascination with the natural world and adventures in mountains and forests and our favourite two pieces, the 4cm Micro Carving Knife perfect for carving small items and with a handle made from sections of maple and walnut and the hand carved slingshot made from naturally forked hazel coppice. Go careful though kids, these can be dangerous objects…

Miscellaneous Adventures


Brooklyn Butcher Blocks; Brickwork Board

With simplicity and functionality an integral part to his working ethos, Nils Wessell of Brooklyn Butcher Blocks uses various types of wood to create blocks, boards and racks to name but a few. A favourite of ours is the Brickwork board which features a brickwork pattern, fashioned by using walnut for the bricks, and a separate mahogany wood for the mortar. As with all Wessell’s work, he’s more than happy to custom-make you your very own piece…

Brooklyn Butcher Blocks


m ss ng p eces; ThePresent

The production of this clock was made possible thanks to a Kickstarter project in 2011 and not only is it the first-of-its-kind Annual Movement clock, it’s a piece of wall art too. ThePresent takes a full year to complete a single rotation and through the use of subtle gradients of pure color, tells the story of the seasons, marking the Equinoxes & Solstices along its course…

m ss ng p eces