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Stuff Crush; 8.1.13

our weekly roundup of desirable wares...

Stuff Crush; 8.1.13
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Fashion, art, interiors, gadgets and so much more; Stuff Crush is our weekly address of objects we lust…

So, we all survived the Mayan apocalypse and – more importantly – death by over-consumption? 2013 is upon us, and as usual we’ve bags of visually seductive goods to bring your way. Sit back and peel your retinas – the first Stuff Crush of the year is a good one…

Stuff Crush; 8.1.13


Outdoorz Gallery; Benchchair

Designed by Thomas Schnur for Outdoorz Gallery, Benchchair – inspired by the iconic Monobloc Chair – has been extended into a voluminous and graphic piece. Being exhibited at Designers Fair Cologne next week – the piece, made from fiberglass and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, straddles the boundaries between readymade art and product design very nicely indeed.



feuerwasser; Concrete iPhone Dock

Ralf Kraus, for German design studio feuerwasser, has created a ‘concrete approach’ to loading and syncing your iPhone 4 & 4S. Connecting to a USB port, the iPhone dock is supported by a solid cast and Kraus recommends “a semi-permanent positioning of the cube to prevent sudden hernia”. Sounds painful.



ECAL; Oncle Sam

A project by Laurent Beirnaert, Pierre Bouvier and Paul Tubiana – all students of the university of art and design Lausanne/ECAL – Oncle Sam produces the favoured food of cinema goers in wonderfully lo-fi style. Although the device may look bewildering, the single kernel that it throws out is anything but, and with a salt shaker to season for the ever important taste, this really is something to be celebrated.

Photo © Nicolas Genta
Image courtesy of ECAL


Stuff Crush; 8.1.13



This spherical speaker by Swiss design studio BERNHARD | BURKARD for OYO provides a 360 degree music experience. With no stand, simply plug in your device, lay it down on any surface and listen to the large sound that is blasted from the tiny device. Two BALLO speakers can be connected with a stereo wire to create stereo sound, and with a choice of ten different colours, why have just one?



aëdle; VK-1 Headphones

After much buzz and a long anticipated wait, the VK-1 Headphones from French company Aëdle are now available to pre-order with shipping to follow in February. Choose from the Classic Edition or Carbon Limited Edition – think minimalistic design combined with genuine lambskin leather – and simply enjoy their high quality sound, which truly is as impressive as their looks…



Booo; Surface Tension Lamp

Exhibited at Design Miami at the end of last year, Surface Tension Lamp designed by Front Design for Booo gives the appearance of the delicate formation you get when ‘blowing bubbles’ although as it catches and reflects the light, this is one bubble that won’t burst. Even more impressive, the ever-changing lamp will have had over 3 million different globe shades by the time the LED burns out…


Stuff Crush; 8.1.13


Reut Rosenberg; Toga Chair

Just like the garment of choice for ancient Romans, Reut Rosenberg’s Toga Chair is distinctive and daring. With an European oak frame, the chair is swathed in white PVC giving the illusion of flowing cloth, and is – in our opinion – another fantastic edition to the young industrial designer and graphic artist’s portfolio of work.



Anderssen & Voll; TUAMOTU Cooking Top

Designed to serve your gastronomic cooking whims in stylish fashion, the TUAMOTU Cooking Top (sadly still a prototype) combines classic materials such as solid marble and cast iron with a contemporary but classic flair, creating a timeless and compact piece of work that would look great in either the home or office kitchen…

Images by Anderssen & Voll



Tayble; Cassette Coffee Table

A piece of art cum functional object, Cassette Coffee Table would add a touch of retro wonder to any living room or office. Available in three styles – 30, 60 & 90 minute cassettes – all are hand-crafted with hardwood and adorned with a specially designed vinyl label. The tape spools have been transformed into cup holders and storage space for magazines and papers, make it somewhat practical too.

*Patent Pending