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Stuff Crush; 28.11.12

our weekly roundup of desirable wares...

Stuff Crush; 28.11.12
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Fashion, art, interiors, gadgets and so much more; Stuff Crush is our weekly address of objects we lust…

There’s a typical mix of art, design and foodie delights in today’s Stuff Crush – oh, and a TV dinner Christmas tree bauble! Never say we don’t look after you…

Stuff Crush; 28.11.12


Kristjana S Williams; ‘East Meets West’ Lundunar Kort Globe

Having seen this at London Design Festival – and, may we add, absolutely falling in love with it – East Meets West Lundunar Kort Globe by Kristjana S Williams, is a globe based on the Lundunar Kort (Modern London) Map and is currently being displayed at Paul Smith ‘Globe’, located in T5 at Heathrow Airport. Available in three sizes, it features Williams’ signature bright, bold & layered prints and each globe is signed and numbered.

Kristjana S Williams


Makaon; Empty Can Craft

Japanese artist Macaon recycles used pop and beer cans by contorting them into iconic cartoon characters, robots and computer games heroes. Twisting and shaping to life the likes of Buzz and Woody from Toy Story, My Little Pony and Hello Kitty, to name just a few. Drinking beer in the sake of producing work, now that’s what we call a top job…



Due; Digital Print T-Shirts

Fashion brand Due, produce lightweight yet high quality products. Their men and women’s clothing – t-shirts and dresses – feature top grade digital print on a breathable modern polyester fabric. The results are a natural feeling garment with vibrant abstract designs that won’t fade, partly in thanks to their pre-wash and special treatment.


Stuff Crush; 28.11.12


Tavern Vinegar Co; Craft Beer & White Wine Vinegar Packaging

It was actually the logo and packaging of The Greenhouse Tavern’s vinegars that grabbed our attention. Fermented by Chef; Jonathon Sawyer in the root cellar of his home, the range of vinegars – White, Red & Rose Wine Vinegar, Craft Beer Vinegar and the limited Garlic Garum – are presented in a 200ml glass flask with an off-centre label showing fermentation start date and batch number.

Tavern Vinegar Co


chocolate creative; The English Romantic Cushion Collection

Old fashioned landscapes meet vintage charm in these beautifully handcrafted cushions by Chocolate Creative. Inspired by the English countryside, the collection entitled The English Romantic features digital prints of forests, lakes and beaches, and are created from natural linen to make mini-canvases, perfect for every home.

Image © Chocolate Creative

chocolate creative


OneFortyThree; Roxy Chair

Roxy Chair is yet another product added to the list of creations by the talented Logan and Roxy of OneFortyThree. Inspired to build furniture for a house they purchased a few years back, they have continued producing objects which they sell through their Etsy store. This rocker chair – entitled Roxy – features veneered walnut plywood to the seat, solid walnut rockers and leather or tweed cushions.


Stuff Crush; 28.11.12


Sur La Table; Decorative Ornaments

Not something that’ll necessarily be gracing the We Heart christmas tree, but different nonetheless. Sur La Table have a whole host of ornaments from devilled eggs, macaroons, and cuts of beef to a TV dinner (featuring meat and two veg). Very much an alternative bauble, we have to give it to them, they’re rather nostalgic and quite real to look at…

Sur La Table


Droog; For everything there is a season, Tea Towels

Reflecting upon cultural, historical and botanical characteristics in the Netherlands, For everything there is a season – a set of 12 chequered tea towels by Annelys de Vet and available at Droog – is a calendar of sorts, expressing how cultural identities are constructed and deconstructed, and woven into words on a collection of tea towels.



Diesel Home; Heavy Metal Lamp

The two words ‘heavy’ and ‘metal’ are so synonymous with the musical genre, it’s easy to forget that they can also describe, well, heavy metal – which is exactly what this industrially influenced table and floor lamp from Diesel and Foscarini is. Not to say that it doesn’t share a little more with the aforementioned devil-worshipping rock music; it’s dark, foreboding, packs quite a punch, and – most importantly – comes in black.

Diesel Home