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Timberland x Nadège Winter

reimagining a '90s classic with Parisian hipster...

Timberland x Nadège Winter
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I actually started looking at the earth and more especially at my city differently, even before I became a mother. Being a consumer and fashion addict was my first step to start thinking differently...

Nadège Winter, the beautiful, talented, creative cco-princess from Paris has joined forces with Timberland this season. The style icon and influencer has teamed up with the workwear brand and UK based Charity TRAID (Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development) to re-imagine the famed 6-inch yellow classic boot for women.

Being an eco-warrior, Nadège set out to make the boot a bit greener without compromising the original work wear design. A new lighter version sole developed from natural rubber tree milk, coupled with beautiful feminine up-cycled fabrics found at TRAID has resulted in a fresh light hearted version of the iconic honey colored boot.

Nadège Winter is a fashion favorite, designer, DJ, consultant, famed freelance artistic director and former head of PR at Colette and Palais de Tokyo. She is a purveyor of all things cool and a leader in design and eco-awareness. Industry people often look to her for advice on trends and changes in culture so it’s no surprise we jumped at the chance to do a quick Q&A with this creative influencer…

Timberland x Nadège Winter
Timberland x Nadège Winter

Where do you look for trends or shifts in culture, do you often know when times are going to change?

I am a very instinctive, sensorial animal. I travel a little (NY, London, LA, Tokyo…) and keep eyes, ears and nose connected. I read magazines, listen to people and most of all listen to my feelings. Smelling the air and maybe feeling the next trends is everything except a science! For me, it is a lot about “feeling”… the way I read, digest, and translate everything I hear, eat, and see.

Has being a mother affected the way you look at the earth, if so how? Are you even more aware of the environment?

I actually started looking at the earth and more especially at my city differently, even before I became a mother. Being a consumer and fashion addict was my first step to start thinking differently. I felt responsible and interested in searching and promoting new ways to shop. Of course, becoming a mother has heightened my sensitivity to the future. How to preserve, to educate, to give, to secure, my baby and her home.

How long did it take to find the fabric at TRAID?

It took me a day at TRAID to select the samples of fabrics I really wanted and it took TRAID a few weeks to source the same references and find enough quantity to produce the shoes. The most difficult one to find in quantity was the bandana print!

Timberland x Nadège Winter
Timberland x Nadège Winter

Can you remember getting your first pair of Timberland boots?

I certainly can! I was 13 and in Italy on holidays. Timberland was the ‘Queen’ of the shoes over there! I had to get mine.

What was the process like with Timberland to make the sole of the boot more eco friendly?

I delivered the creative ideas, and worked on the design. Timberland had to find the solution to make it “greener”- and they did!

Can you predict any sub-culture trends for this time next year? What will be listening to, wearing or reading about?

Not really… I think we are all looking for happiness, peace and balance… what does it mean? House music, basic smart elegant clothes with funky details, local fashion production, second life clothes selection, retail new experiences… less virtual, more real.

Which celebrities or influencers would like to gift each of the 4 pairs or boots? Who do you envision wearing each one?

Rihanna, Jay-Z (if he was a woman), Chloe Sevigny, Alexa Chung, M.I.A.

Timberland x Nadège Winter
Timberland x Nadège Winter

You are extremely busy and wear many hats, how do you organise your time? OR what is a typical day like these days.

I must admit, I often think I’d love to work in an office, with P.A. and very clean diary. However, I actually work on my scooter with no official office. My IPhone and Air Book are my best friends, as well as my memory. I jump from one project to another, trying to keep my brain, soul, and energy strong enough. But that’s inspiring for sure and exciting.

What are you planning next in terms of Eco-Aware X Fashion projects?
A Jewel collection in ethical gold for JEM, soon available at Merci, Colette..

The BrunchBazar event at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, on 15th and 16th of December: Organic brunch + vintage corners + new designers + DIY workshop + clubbing + movies +… from 0 to 99 years old!

Can you give people a little advice on how to be more Eco Aware when it comes to our fashion choices? What can we do to help the environment?

I must admit it is very hard to shop “eco”, not many brands do it. You can shop in second hand shops…and most of all, shop less and better…. for example “are you sure you don’t already have this little black dress?”

To get your hands on a pair of the limited edition boots visit www.colette.fr
(A run of 1,600 boots has been produced)

For more information on TRAID visit. www.traid.org.uk

Timberland x Nadège Winter