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Stuff Crush; 13.11.12

our weekly roundup of desirable wares...

Stuff Crush; 13.11.12
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Fashion, art, interiors, gadgets and so much more; Stuff Crush is our weekly address of objects we lust…

Psychedelic pop-culture obsessed t-shirts, tweed headphones, curiously unusable notepads and a television barrow (to name but a few); it’s time again for our weekly discourse in delightful tackle…

Stuff Crush; 13.11.12


CW&T; TV Barrow

CW&T are an art and design studio who use the latest tools and processes to turn near future possibilities into reality. TV Barrow comprises (rather bizarrely) a wheelbarrow, 700c road bike wheel, and a bicycle fork (amongst other knicks and knacks) and makes the perfect… TV stand; of course it does. Ideal for transporting, you can move it from the living room to the bedroom and as the legs can be collapsed and the angle of the screen adjusted, it meets the differing requirements of the two rooms rather perfectly. And beautifully.



Quill London; Maison Martin Margiela stationery and objets

Hands up if you’re counting down the final remaining hours until the hugely anticipated launch of Maison Martin Margiela at H&M! Online stationery boutique Quill London has an alluring collection from the cult fashion house which includes an Ostrich feather pen, Magnifying glass and stylish, if perversely unusable, notebook. Typically slick and steeped typically in wry humour, they’ll be a perfect consolation prize for when the inevitable happens and you’re confronted with nothing but an empty clothes rack down your local H&M.

Quill London


Incase; EO Travel Collection

At a time where air travel seems to continually reduce our baggage options, chic simplicity and multi-functional luggage is now more necessary than ever. The EO Travel Collection from Incase is a five-piece collection, built for carry-on, compliant with most international airlines and features dedicated compartments for Apple devices. It’s been carefully thought out and we think the end result is a winner…


Stuff Crush; 13.11.12


One Nordic; Verso Shelf 34

Engaging and versatile, the ever so contemporary Verso Shelf 34 – designed Mikko Halonen – can be used to store your books or mags and just as easily, your clothes and accessories. It doesn’t require a lot of space and – available in white, black and natural wood – would look great in the modern home, study or office…

One Nordic


Lee Broom; Half Cut Glassware Collection

Regular readers will know we’ve got a permanent crush on Lee Broom’s various stuff, and his latest – the heritage-obsessed designer’s debut glassware collection (exclusive to Liberty) – is no exception. Drenched in his signature style (which is becoming more and more iconic with each collection released), the brilliantly named Half Cut glassware collection is high on our Christmas list.

Lee Broom


Michael Hoppen Gallery; Tim Walker, Story Teller limited edition prints

Following on from the fabulous Tim Walker Story Teller exhibition currently showing at Somerset House, and featured by us in October, Michael Hoppen Gallery have selected 29 new, limited edition photographs which they are releasing in two sizes – and are available in editions of 10 and 15. Fancy one of these in your christmas stocking (we wish), you can contact the gallery for more information.

Michael Hoppen Gallery

Stuff Crush; 13.11.12


Field Notes; The Archival Wooden Box

If you – like us – write a lot of notes and interesting snippets that simply cannot be thrown away (and subsequently have a drawer full of used pads), then this is the item you’ve been waiting for. Field Notes’ Archival Wooden Box, custom-manufactured in Brooklyn has a neat sliding top, holds 60+ memo pads and comes with twelve, divider tabs so you can smartly organise your stash…

Field Notes


Urbanears; The Plattan Tweed Edition Headphones

With its own Act of Parliament to ensure authenticity, Harris Tweed is synonymous with luxury fabric, longevity, style and timeless quality. Hearing of Urbanear’s Plattan Tweed Edition Harris Tweed Headphones, we were intrigued to see how they looked (and sounded). Swathed in 100 percent virgin wool, they truly are stunning whilst the full size headphone allows a rich, crisp sound. Smashing old chap.



Dark Matter Taipei; Your Mom Lies t-shirts

Having opened their second shop recently, Dark Matter continue to stock eye catching apparel, records, magazines and indefinable gadgets. In their stores – both physical and online – they strive to stock unique, niche pieces from a collection of young artists, and we’re loving the range of psychedelic tees from Taiwanese label Your Mom Lies.

Dark Matter