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Stuff Crush; 30.10.12

our weekly roundup of desirable wares...

Stuff Crush; 30.10.12
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Fashion, art, interiors, gadgets and so much more; Stuff Crush is our weekly address of objects we lust…

Furniture, audio equipment that looks like furniture, art collaborations and some 1,300 woollen pompons – here’s another week of gubbins we’re a’lovin’…

Stuff Crush; 30.10.12


MYK; Bommel Chair

Add quite a significant splash of colour to your room with the Bommel Chair from MYK. Up to 1,300 woollen pompons (or, ‘bommels’) can be used in making their pieces – some 45kg of wool. Entirely hand-crafted, several hundred wool threads have been bundled, rolled, tied and cut to produce the chair which accompanies other objects from the German company; including the brilliant Bommel Snowleopard Rug.



SAHN Helmets; Classic urban cycling helmet

Based in Vancouver and keen to encourage cycling around their city, Sahn have created a classic helmet which combines style with safety. With removable pads for a custom fit, the shape – almost equestrian – with an urban edge, the helmets are sleek, lightweight and comfortable. Available in 4 colours each with a matte or gloss finish, however our favourite is the result of a recent collaboration with the Vancouver artist Chairman Ting… a Limited Edition helmet in matte grey with a typically-Ting graphic.

SAHN Helmets


Bang & Olufsen; BeoPlay A9

The new BeoPlay A9 collection of wireless sound systems – set to be available from the second half of November – is a complete stereo system with no need for additional amplifiers, speakers, cables. Very easy on the eye, you can fix it to the wall – although, looking like a great piece of furniture, it holds its own stood on sturdy wooden legs. As usual with the Danish audio kings, sound quality and devilishly good looks are combined with deft flair.

Bang & Olufsen

Stuff Crush; 30.10.12


Cachette; Inspection Lights

Looking great casually draped over your furniture, set down on a variety of surfaces or secured to a wall, these Inspection Lights – available from Cachette – add a touch of industrial elegance to the home. The 5m cable and top of the ‘globe’ bulb is covered in hand-knitted wool which really stands out if you have a small number of lights, entwined with varying coloured wool.



The New York Times & Taschen; 36 Hours: 125 Weekends in Europe

This easy to use guide – the second collaboration between The New York Times & Taschen – is packed with nearly 800 images, insightful ideas and practical recommendations for some 500 restaurants and 400 hotels, all to be carried out over 36 hours in 125 European destinations (36 hours in each city, of course). Easy to navigate, it’s broken down alphabetically into countries then cities, and – in keeping with The Times’ column – each piece begins with a general overview.



Chesney’s; The Broughton Log Holder

Maybe it’s the time of year – the long, dark and cold nights – that has got us swooning over The Broughton Log Holder? or maybe it’s the object’s beautiful hand stitched fine leather holder and powder coated frame? Either way, it’s regretful that we don’t actually have a need for this functional log carrier cum holder over at We Heart (boring central heating over here we’re afraid), as it really evokes a romantic notion of the impending winter…