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Stuff Crush; 16.10.12

our weekly roundup of desirable wares...

Stuff Crush; 16.10.12
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Fashion, art, interiors, gadgets and so much more; Stuff Crush is our weekly address of objects we lust…

Jewellery, furniture, prints, ceramics and a laptop dock sprouting oodles of shaggy rock star hair? It’s another week of beautiful bits and bobs that we’ve been lusting over…

Stuff Crush; 16.10.12


La Boite Concept; LD120 Laptop Dock

You may recall that we featured the LD Series laptop docks – the first docking station of its type – back in our very first Stuff Crush. Looking somewhat like a work desk – but with the capability to produce clear, crisp sounds – we immediately fell in love with them all. Recently they’ve collaborated with French electro-funk-don Sebastien Tellier; and he’s certainly put his own spin on the LD120; with a mass of hair hanging down over its legs.

La Boite Concept


ZIIIRO Celeste; Ziiiro

I’m rather smitten with the minimalist designs of all Ziiiro wrist watches. With no distracting hands to take away from their beauty, an ever-changing pattern of rings distinguish the movement of time. The Celeste range combines two coloured disks and a matte stainless steel strap. Available in four colour combos, our favourite is without a doubt the blue and dark grey; Gunmetal/Mono.



Wood Design; Bloom Coffee Table – Style No.1

The Bloom series features a coffee table, dining table and side table, all unique due to the size and shape of materials used. The Bloom Coffee Table – Style No.1 really caught our attention – the quirky triangular top (made of peanut and soy non-toxic resin) has an almost paple leaf-esque figure imprinted – and the salvaged western red cedar base… wow, it actually looks as though a tree is supporting the table top.

Wood Design

Stuff Crush; 16.10.12


Granada Barrero

If you’ve wandered the narrow streets of many a Mediterranean town, you’ll have noticed a clutter of ceramic vases, jugs, pots and plates hanging haphazardly in the gardens and windows of the whitewashed houses? The handpainted wall plates by designer Granada Barrero in collaboration with Tuni Moreno, are a take on these but with a modern day feel; messages adorn the plates by way of a QR code which can be uncovered via your phone.

Granada Barrero


Kristalia with Patrick Norguet; Compas Chair

Patrick Norguet has joined forces once again with Italian brand Kristalia, this time designing a beautifully V-shape framed chair. Having been constructed of polypropylene and die-cast aluminium with a weatherproof finish, these stackable chairs can be used either indoors or outdoors, but when they look this chic, it would be criminal if they were not used to enhance the style credentials in the home – don’t you think?



Baguera; Necklace Collection

Shown at Lisbon Fashion Week, fashion designer Ricardo Preto collaborated with the creator of Baguera; Branca Cuvier, on a breathtaking jewellery collection comprising of earrings, necklaces and a mask. Made for the new summer collection and inspired by a diamond cut which Cuvier dedicated to Preto, although I doubt the pieces will be in my price range when they launch in stores, a girl can always dream, especially about the necklace which was making its very first appearance.


Stuff Crush; 16.10.12


Masiosare Studio; Circunscriba – Línea collection

Based in Mexico City, design studio Masiosare have created a furniture collection which is intended to make the most of a lack of space. Perfect for the smaller office or apartment, the clean lines and styling really does appeal to modern tastes. Our favourite piece is Circunscriba, easy to assemble, the surface is formed by three slidable and detachable pieces whilst the cable holder at the back, ensures its sleek aesthetic isn’t ruined by bulky leads.

Masiosare Studio


Quill London; I’d Like To Be

Online boutique Quill London continue to expand their product range with quality finds. These adorable prints – I’d Like To Be – by London based designer and illustrator Jamie Nash, are striking and bold – inspired by his love of vintage children’s storybooks and toys. This is mostly apparent in the Robot, Policeman and Ballerina prints. Signed by Nash himself, you can bag your very own through Quill London to add a touch of style to those walls.

Quill London


Dino Sanchez; Totems Series One

The usage of blocks and wood in general, is a familiar theme throughout the design and product range of Dino Sanchez – The Bracket Lamp and DS Kit collection are perfect examples of this – and now they launch Totems; wooden blocks which can be used by children and adults alike. Handmade from solid oak and walnut, they feature four unique faces, and think they’d look quite at home stacked on my desk…

Dino Sanchez