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Stuff Crush; 25.9.12

a London Design Festival special for our weekly address of objects we lust...

Stuff Crush; 25.9.12
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Fashion, art, interiors, gadgets and so much more; Stuff Crush is our weekly address of objects we lust…

As we dragged our weary bones from design show to design show at last week’s London Design Festival, our Stuff Crush radar was inevitably on overdrive. From iPod docks to innovative sustainable design; cheeky novelties to high-end interiors, here’s a roundup of just some of the many objects we were left lusting over…

Stuff Crush; 25.9.12


Venus of Cupertino; iPad Docking Station

Inspired by the ancient Venus figurines (I initially thought it was a sumo wrestler, ahem), the Roman goddess will carefully support your iPad, charging and syncing all the while. The dock is discreetly hidden in her midriff and cables routed through the base to ensure neat usage, and your figurine can be customised by choosing from their selection of finishes.

Venus of Cupertino


Sibley Grove; Future Jewellery

London-based design studio Sibley Grove, have quite a few strings to their bow; specialising in branding, interiors and jewellery. Their Future Jewellery range – made up of necklaces, brooches and earrings – combines fashion with environmental sustainability and each piece is made from non-toxic stone paper which can be decomposed when no longer meeting with our street-cred.

Sibley Grove


Tsai & Yoshikawa; Blooming Spark 1

The result of a continuing and very successful collaboration between Hsiao-Chi Tsai and Kimiya Yoshikawa, Blooming Spark 1 is a limited edition of 9+3AP perspex chandelier. Hand-sculpted, we think it resembles a giant party popper which has just been pulled, with all of its vivacious streamers falling to the ground. Lovely.

Tsai & Yoshikawa

Stuff Crush; 25.9.12


Melody Rose; Rock and Roll Collection

Creating beautifully delicate pieces of bone china, the collection from Melody Rose consists of four sets which could easily be classed as a piece of art rather than just a functional object. The Rock and Roll range – whilst still decadent and tasteful – has an edgier aesthetic than the others, with pin-up girls, skulls, Day of the Dead scenes, and roses all adorning their bone china. We love it, although you may just want to have a think before serving your granny a cuppa and French Fancy on one…

Melody Rose


Claudia Moreira Salles; Siri Bench

Having graduated from the Industrial Design School of Rio de Janeiro, furniture and interior designer Claudia Moreira Salles has been creating well-defined and consistent pieces ever since. The Siri bench is contemporary, the wooden ‘rests’ on either side quite the conversation starter. The wooden elements are available in a range of finishes and the material an assortment of colours.

Claudia Moreira Salles


Mark Fahrwerk; Crayon Shot Cup

Cast from disposable styrofoam cups, these 30ml shot cups are shaped before being shrunk by heat. Cast into silver, the objects are then coloured by crayon which contrasts with the beaded, textured surface once rubbed back.

Mark Fahrwerk

Stuff Crush; 25.9.12


Haoshi Design; Swallow Clock

Twelve delicate swallows attach to your wall to create this extraordinary clock. Made from resin, each swallow looks as though it’s mid-flight and should you position close to natural light, the silhouette they cast changes throughout the day. A template is provided which ensures accuracy when fixing and allows you to position in one of three sizes.

Haoshi Design


Kimu Design Studio; Line:Detective Survival Guide

For those of us who like to snoop and write, these notebooks from Kimu are ideal. Sleek and sophisticated in design, they retain an element of fun by way of cut-out peepholes, and Poirot-esque printed moustache. Although it may not make an inconspicuous detective out of you, who’s to know it’s you hiding behind there anyway?

Kimu Design Studio


Peter Stern Furniture Design; Wavy C Console

Fusing contemporary, eclectic and post-modern design, Peter Stern’s creations are vibrant and distinctive pieces of eye candy. Wavy C, is a sideboard which can be adapted to suit the bedroom, hall or living room. As with all of Stern’s furniture, each is made to order meaning you can customise it to add a splash of colour to the sides or drawers. There are no handles to distract from the console, you simply push the drawers inwards to release.

Peter Stern Furniture Design