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Stuff Crush; 18.9.12

our weekly roundup of desirable wares...

Stuff Crush; 18.9.12

Fashion, art, interiors, gadgets and so much more; Stuff Crush is our weekly address of objects we lust…

Building site-inspired lighting, cut-and-shut motors turned furniture, concrete laptop stands and carboard bikes? It’s a thoroughly eclectic week in the life of stuff we love…

Stuff Crush; 18.9.12


Stephanie Jasny; CORDULA Lamp

Resembling an extension lead of sorts, CORDULA portable floor lamp was inspired by objects found on construction sites. Designed as part of Stephanie Jasny’s graduation project, it has since gone on to be selected by Ligne Roset for their collection and feature as part of the International Design Museum Munich. Big accolades for this clever light combining the characteristics of a cable drum and spotlight.

Stephanie Jasny


Greg Papove; Foundation

We featured Greg Papove’s Socks and Furniture in August, and once again he’s using unlikely objects to create eye-catching pieces. When not in use, Foundation looks simply like a block of concrete (albeit a very lovely bit of concrete). It’s much more than that though. With space to cradle a laptop, hard drive and mobile phone; not only is it a very functional slab of lovely concrete, but the material cleverly helps to keep the gadgetry cool too.

Greg Papove


LA Design Studio; Armchair & Sofa 427

Sofa and Armchair 427 are seats made from fine leather and real car parts. Available in two different versions – Road and Race – the former is the most precisely created automotive furniture you can buy, whilst the latter uses leather from the likes of Ferrari, Bentley and Rolls-Royce. Part of the 427 collection which also comprises lamps, desks and tables, these striking pieces have to be the ultimate boys toy?

LA Design Studio

Stuff Crush; 18.9.12


Erzetich Audio; Tilia Vitro Headphones Stand

Focusing on personal audio, Slovenian company Erzetich Audio, specialise in easy to use and sleek headphone amplifiers and accessories. We currently have a thing for the Tilia Vitro Headphones Stand; made of linden wood and plexiglass, every wooden part is individually hand carved and painted with seven coats of four different varnishes to give it its shiny appearance.

Erzetich Audio


Jon Burgerman; Doodle Set

Jon Burgerman is a multidisciplinarian – making art, murals, shows and doodling – who aims to distract, enlighten and delight those who choose to tune in. Despite his stupendous large-scale pieces, we like this smaller (in size though, by no means in impact) 5-piece Doodle Crockery Set. Bright, colourful and fun, it contains a porcelain tea pot, small & large porcelain plate, porcelain bowl and fine bone china collectable mug…

Jon Burgerman


Izhar Gafni; Cardboard Bicycle

Israeli inventor Izhar Gafni, has developed a rather unlikely mode of transport in the form of a cardboard bike. By folding over the sheets of material – and inturn increasing its strength – The Alfa (as it’s called) can hold a rider up to 24 times its weight. Gafni claims the machine is durable and waterproof and everything, apart from the brakes and chain, is made from cardboard…

Via; Co.Design