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Stuff Crush; 4.9.12

our weekly roundup of desirable wares...

Stuff Crush; 4.9.12
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Fashion, art, interiors, gadgets and so much more; Stuff Crush is our weekly address of objects we lust…

Bags, fashion, brand-imitating-art-imitating-brand and a wry homage to one of the all time great (read: horrifyingly great) pop videos. It’s time for our weekly roundup of coveted trappings and tackle…

Stuff Crush; 4.9.12


Brown Cotton Blend Tiger Jumper; Mulberry

We make no apologies for secretly being huge fans of Mulberry, hell why should we, and following on from our recent crush on their Tassel Lace Up Tiger Print Suede Shoes, we’re going just as wild (get it?) over their Tiger Jumper. Sporting statement stripes, this soft and sumptuous jumper from the Autumn Winter 2012 collection will have you standing out from the crowd and looking so on trend.



Andy Warhol’s limited edition soup cans; Campbell’s soup

Celebrating Warhol‘s famous pop-art style at fifty years since his first iconic Campbell’s soup cans, the brand themselves have released a limited edition set of cans. The bold and colourful designs will not only feature a portrait of the artist but one of his quotes; another thing he was well known for…

Campbell’s soup


Lionel Richie & Mr. Tea collection; Lorrie Veasey

New Jersey based artist and potter, Lorrie Veasey is known for her bold and witty designs. Her Mr. Tea series – made up of cups, mugs, travel mugs, teapots and teabag holders – has been on our radar for a whilst now as has the Lionel Richie ‘Hello’ set, which comprises a similar set of kitchenware. We couldn’t help but smile, ear to ear, when we saw this cheese platter; poking fun at the lyrics from the song with THAT video…

Lorrie Veasey

Stuff Crush; 4.9.12


Fang Backpack and Envelope Case; Yue

Handmade in limited quantities, the Fang Backpack and Envelope Case are just stunning to look at and to touch too, we’re sure (regrettably we haven’t had our mitts on one to test). The Envelope Case and Clutch is available in a choice of natural raw or aged leather and the Fang Backpack in either natural raw or natural raw and stingray, the latter leather profiling the ‘fang’ shape. Utilitarian and fabulous, Yue, you’ve got us smitten…



Bloom; Kristine Five Melvær

Having checked out the warming and wonderful lamp designs of Norwegian designer, Kristine Five Melvær, at Stockholm Design Week back in February, we’re once again smitten with her latest collection; Bloom. Inspired by forms of nature, Bloom – a series of three table lamps constructed at different heights and each giving off an individual glow – look like colossal droplets of water, and we can’t stop drooling over them…

Kristine Five Melvær


Wired stump – Raw edition; Peter Jakubik

These misshapen stools can be used outdoors or maybe as conservatory furniture. Stackable, they don’t take up much space and their light weight design means they can be moved around easily. Available in a variety of eye-catching colours, you could continue the misshapen theme by having a set of each colour instead of just the one and the pine wood coated finish, is not just comfortable but some seriously good looking to boot.

Peter Jakubik

Stuff Crush; 4.9.12


Crowd Candlesticks; David Taylor

A work in progress and a departure from David Taylor’s usual standalone work, Crowd, will eventually comprise of 25-30 individual candlesticks, made-up of differing materials which will allow them to work well as a set or independently. Throughout the process, some pieces will be replaced by newer works ensuring continual rejuvenation and reinvention. Crowd is due to be shown at Gallery Montan, Copenhagen, next month.

David Taylor


My Suede Lunch Bag; Striiiipes

Ideal for carrying your lunch or groceries, My Suede Lunch Bag, from Paris based online store Striiiipes replicates the exact dimensions of a real american kraft paper lunch bag. Rigid, it can stand straight but also be folded to adapt to your preferred shape. Sueddete with vintaged cotton lining, it has a secret inside pocket to store your shopping list or wallet and arrives packaged in the most beautifully luxurious box.



Kibon ice cream posters; Renata El Dib

Brazilian ice cream producer, Kibon, (one of Unilever’s famous Heartbrand logo bearers) has enlisted the talents of designer Renata El Dib for their latest advertising campaign. Focusing on the more classic ice cream flavours – including chocolate and strawberry – not only is the texture on the posters faultless, but the the rolled edge suggesting an ice cream cone, is pure genius.

Renata El Dib