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Stuff Crush; 28.8.12

our weekly roundup of desirable wares...

Stuff Crush; 28.8.12
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Fashion, art, interiors, gadgets and so much more; Stuff Crush is our weekly address of objects we lust…

Stationery from internationally renowned fashion designers, genius solutions to perennial design-mag office issues, mesmerising furniture and things that are not as they seem. It’s another instalment of our weekly guide to gubbins we’re going gaga over…

Stuff Crush; 28.8.12


Quill London; Christian Lacroix Papier

New stylish online boutique, Quill London, stock charming and captivating stationery ranging from letterpress cards to tissue paper pompoms. Everything is of premium quality, be it from a little-known designer or more established name. We really like the glamourous and elegant range from the Christian Lacroix Papier Collection, such as the Riveira and Arty notebooks, and the Les Anges Baroque correspondence cards.

Quill London


NJU Studio; The Hockenheimer

This is exactly what’s been needed in We Heart towers – and we suspect many other offices (our friends over at It’s Nice That‘s for one, as that’s where we spotted it) – since, well, forever. Magazine and newspapers are piled high, not thrown out incase they need referencing in the future, but they look kind of messy too. Well NJU Studio have put an end to that (with leather straps, birch wood and a pillow), converting unwanted reading materials into stylish seating.

NJU Studio


Hard Graft; Passport Wallet

Very appropriate for the man who’s always on the go. Hard Graft’s new wallet is slim, but designed to hold two passports, travelling documents and a couple of credit cards. And – being Hard Graft – it’s delightfully dapper, made from 100% vegetable tanned leather, and exudes warm, rich, natural tones. An updated take on the all time favourite; Phone Fold Wallet.

Hard Graft

Stuff Crush; 28.8.12


Aust & Amelung; Like Paper

Delicately creased paper would probably not make the best material for a lampshade, but then of course not everything is as it seems. So how about concrete then? Brilliant, concrete lighting is all the rage, well, concrete-anything is pretty hot right now. And hot these lampshades are. Each one is unique; kinks, creases and edges all so delicate to the eye, stoney-solid to the touch. Magical.

Aust & Amelung


Bongo Design; Heavy Rabbit

Kraków based industrial designer Magdalena Chojnacka, of Bongo Design, has really grabbed our attention with her simple and clean designs. Geometric shapes seem to characterise her style which can be seen in her Fox range and Heavy Rabbit; the latter being made up of a staggering 31 steel, hand bended and welded elements to make a contemporary piece of storage furniture.

Bongo Design


Joint Perspectives; Sideboard

Behind the misshapen materials lie a fully functional sideboard of five drawers, all different in volume, which serve to extend the asymmetrical theme. Made from just oak and copper in different stages of their lifespan, the inspiration for the sideboard came from discarded materials in the workshop of London design studio, Joint Perspectives.

Joint Perspectives