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Introducing; 2:54

East London's effortlessly stylish students of stoner rock...

Introducing; 2:54
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If we had a ‘cool list’ here at We Heart – which we don’t, well, they’re a little bit wanky aren’t they? – then Dalston-based sisters Hannah and Colette Thurlow would be in somewhat of a ferocious scrap for first place, Hannah with her nonchalant swagger and hypnotic guitar riffs, Colette channeling Rid of Me era PJ Harvey via Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval. In fact, since we caught them supporting Yuck a few weeks ago, we’ve rather struggled to get the 2:54 girls off our mind. Taking their name from the time it “kicks in” on their favourite Melvins track – yes, we said Melvins, told you they were cool – the girls are students of the sun-bleached, drug-addled sound of stoner rock and seeing their emphatically stylish blitz of woozy, treble-heavy wall of sound and effortless stage presence, you’d be forgiven for believing the sisters were 30-something stalwarts of the Palm Desert Scene, not young girls from London’s ‘hipster’ East end who’d – until a few months ago – never even played live…

2:54 – Creeping