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Skream: Listenin’ To The Records On My Wall

rare animation technique used in Garden of Eden based promo....

Skream: Listenin’ To The Records On My Wall
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Anyone with the remotest interest in electronic music will be eagerly anticipating the forthcoming release of Skream’s long-awaited second album, Outside The Box. This, the lead single, firmly stamps a mark on his new, more epic sound, an intriguing progression from the dubstep that he more or less single-handedly brought overground – first into the dance music arena with his 2005 classic ‘Midnight Request Line’ then into the mainstream last year with his iconic La Roux remix. If this along with some of the other snippets we’ve heard of the album so far are anything to go by, then lazy TV producers will be filing the record alongside DJ Shadow and The xx for all those moody montages and drama series trailers.

Continue reading for the full uncut video (semi nsfw) and making of documentary…..

So, not content with pushing the envelope musically, the video – amongst the dubstep scene’s first, certainly it’s most impressive – is a wonderfully eccentric vision of the Garden of Eden, in which Adam appears to give birth to Eve as an Alien may do so in James Cameron’s 1986 sci-fi classic. Being devout atheists, we’d be no doubt ranting now about monkeys and Darwin, but what follows distracts us somewhat. Director David Wilson – of whom we’re sure to hear more of – along with illustrator and animator, Joseph Mann and an army of assistants, employ a rarely used animation technique known as ‘strata-cut’ to unleash a torrent of vivid colour and visual-mindfuck that, when the making of documentary is viewed, astounds us with it’s intricacy….