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Magnetic Man

innovators rewriting their own rulebook....

Magnetic Man
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For anyone with more than a passing interest in electronic music, the sound of your summer may, again, be dominated by one man. With the forthcoming release of his second album, Outside The Box, Skream is getting ready for imminent festival appearances with ‘dubstep’ cohorts Benga and Artwork as the electronic supergroup, Magnetic Man. If this absolutely stonking 7 minutes of ‘insert-inevitable-new-genre-here’ is anything to go by then it’s clear that 3 of the biggest names in dubstep are intent on shaking off the shackles that wobble-addicts like Rusko have placed on the genre and, in the process, create a moment-defining new club sound that – along with their Sunday night headline slot at Glastonbury – could well see the boys from Croydon become dance music’s most influential force.

Magnetic Man: MAD

Photo courtesy of g.crizzle