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Dumbfoundead: Jam Session 2.0

8 people, 5 instruments, 4 Continents, 3 languages, 1 song....

Dumbfoundead: Jam Session 2.0
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Very little information around as to exactly how this was put together, but one thing’s for sure, is that the end result quite simply demands your attention. LA based emcee, Dumbfoundead – aka Johnathan Park – fronts an 8 person multinational collective, who with some magic from LA’s interactive media agency, Cain Mosni, have created a unique online jam session that pays homage to Galt MacDermot’s 1966 ‘Coffee Cold’ and Handsome Boy Modeling School’s MacDermot sampling 1999 track, ‘The Truth’. Just another example of how today’s technology, when used in the right hands, can create original and truly inspiring art.