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Factory Floor

aptly named art rockers relive 80s dancefloor gloom....

Factory Floor
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Aptly named, Factory Floor have more than a passing resemblance to Factory Records’ early 80s outfits or maybe the likes of Cabaret Voltaire, Neu! and Suicide…. so not new, nor original, but if your sort of dancefloor is dark, beer-soaked and gloriously somber, then you’ll understand their undeniable potential for cult status. Incendiary live performances that transform the dark metallic disco of their studio work into raging industrial noise, via guitar strings abused with violin bows, are already causing somewhat of a demand for their pulsating anti-melodies and intense Joy Division-esque rhythms, if you’re in London this week then catch them on Thursday night at Shoreditch’s brilliant Cargo venue…. If not, then look forward to their first release for Blast First (Petite) in February, or indeed listen to a preview of said release right now…..