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A New Decade: 2010 in Interiors

the inspirational Stefan Boublil on interior design in 2010

A New Decade: 2010 in Interiors
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New York based agency, The Apartment are a one-stop shop for all services creative… branding, marketing, architecture and interior design are just some of the disciplines covered, and overseeing all is inspirational creative director, Stefan Boublil. You may well remember the sublime Central Park apartment he interior designed that we featured last year, or you may follow his influential blatherings over at his blog, ‘Broadcast‘, either way you’ll agree that Stefan’s thoughts on design in 2010 are worth knowing about…. that’s why we asked him…..

2010 needs to be the year designers stop it with the chairs already!

ever since i got into the design business with the apartment design store in the year 2000, i have wondered why most artists of these presumably functional arts were so obsessed with seating. hundreds of new models are presented at each design fair around the world with virtually no change to their basic engineering, function or shape. what is the goal? what are these people trying to achieve? i guess the case could be made that an amazing chair can get you noticed? i guess the case could also be made that, much like a saturday night live appearance, it is something you feel you have to do in order to prove something? which might be fine enough if this urge mostly affected young talent on the rise. but what of jasper morrison? what of philippe starck? what of ross lovegrove? why the fuck would they feel the need to give us their nth take on an object that really does not need any more updating or extra features?!


i mean, we’re good with the flat part, right? what comes next are two, apparently difficult, decisions: back, no back? and the always tricky how many legs? that’s it! why wonder past that? i’ll never know… and this wouldn’t have bothered me for as long as it has if it weren’t for the pesky fact that the world really, really needs designers to get to work on stuff that are needed!

better plungers, non-paper currency, habitat construction methods, toys for developing minds, a more logical way to interact with computers, global food supply distribution, inter-connecting electronics, cars, don’t get me started on those, sustainable clothes, non-lethal weaponry, durability of everything, functional architecture, dry newsprint, a better way to wipe, power distribution, cosmetics packaging, chocolate, yes, chocolate, air travel and more practical luggage, among other things, could be welcomed starting points. everything around us has been drawn by somebody, that is the first revelation of design, and it seems to be the one quickest forgotten. it should be our duty, nay, pleasure to look around at our own context and take on an object or a process that could use our talents to make them better. and this can be a selfish pursuit, it doesn’t have to be for all mankind! go ahead and figure out why your socks always get lost in the wash for your own damn self and fix it. we might benefit too… there is no downside to reconsidering the world we live in for the better, whatever the motivation may be, chairs are good for now, for a while actually, let’s give them a break and see what else could use us.

Stefan Boublil is creative director of New York agency, The Apartment